Humantrip, a trip rock band from São Paulo, founded in 2008 by Renato Rocker and Crido Santos, in an attempt to satisfy the desire to create authentic heavy rock inspired by European trip rock bands at the beginning of the millennium, with influences from bands like Lacuna Coil, The Gathering, Áqua de Anique, Pale Forest, Perfect Circle among others.

Andressa Fernandes completed the line-up, bringing her influences and generating the fusion that was missing for a complex, penetrating and strong sound. 

Those were hard times for a band that couldn’t get its fourth member to complete formation. In 2012 the band paused so that each member could play their projects, making a reunion in 2018 with the entry of Carlos Frediani on drums.

His debut work, has instrumental music and lyrics that refer to the internal journeys of the human being and how it is reflected on the outside. Samples of the songs are available on the website, in the  Demotape tab, but it has not been officially released.

The band spent another difficult period with the departure of Andressa and Frediani, in early 2019.

In this same year, the band reinvents itself and undergoes reformulations! The project doesn’t stop and a new vocalist joins the team. Gabi Soares took over the vocals at the end of 2019.

Gabi brings news with her simple and objective way of singing, with a unique and strong voice and beautiful compositions. The band continues to compose and finish the demotape.

Drummer’s seat is still empty, we keep looking.

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